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Summer Safety Message – Dehydration

With summer approaching, and it is shaping up to be a long, hot and dry one and its a good time to remind everyone about the need to watch their hydration; on this occasion I am speaking from personal experience.  I was caught out just last week, I had moved from a cold damp climate to a hot dry climate in just 8 days; the temps in Fiordland were about 4c and it was bucketing down – the temps at West Wyalong was 39c and dry; it was the second week of November!! I suffered and it cost me 3 days flying.
I am recommending that all  pilots are reminded about the dangers of dehydration, and I ask you to post the attached poster, or any others with similar messages that you may find on the net that will help get the message across.

Brian Bailey

Regional Safety Manager NSW

Gliding Federation of Australia

Gliding NSW