About NSW Gliding

The objectives of the New South Wales Gliding Association Inc are:

  1. To assist and promote gliding in our region
  2. To represent the views of its Members.
  3. To manage the affairs of gliding within the region to ensure the sport remains relevant, viable and in accordance with minimum standards as prescribed by the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) and other associated authorities.
  4. To acquire, coordinate and disseminate knowledge relevant to the sport of gliding in all its developments.
  5. To provide and facilitate smooth and free communication and access between the Association, its Members, the GFA, its Officers, other regional associations and service providers.
  6. To undertake collective negotiation as directed by the Committee.
  7. To assist clubs in risk assessment and management.
  8. To promote competition, achievement, records and development of gliding.
  9. To continually adapt and stay relevant to the changing needs of gliding and society.
  10. To carry out the above for purposes other than profit or financial gain of individuals.
  11. To assist in the formation,conduct and winding up of affiliated gliding clubs and organisations.

NSW Gliding Inc Constitution is available here