CAGIT Location

The current location of the CAGIT is at Bathurst Soaring Club. Who is going to come and get it???

WDWIT Location

The current location of the We Dont Want it Trophy is a Bathurst Soaring Club and has been there for two years. Come and dump it on somebody guys.

Come and Get It Trophy – CAGIT

The following rules apply

1. Pilots must fly into the location of the trophy and steal it.
2. Make every effort to re-light and fly back to the point of origin.
3. The trophy must be returned to and remain at the point of origin of that flight – if this is not practical (ie no gliding club at the site), the trophy may be held for safe keeping at the pilot’s club, but will remain on record as being at the point of origin of the flight – this allows members of inaccessible clubs to get the trophy while on camp but does not allow them to spirit it away to their inaccessible club!
4. The holding club will assist the visiting pilot, eg with overnight accommodation, securing the glider, providing a launch and posting the trophy (if applicable)
5. The procuring pilot will email the NSW trophies officer ( so the current location of the trophy can be published in the NSWG newsletter and on the NSWG website.

We Dont Want it Trophy -WDWIT

The objective of this trophy is to encourage cross country activity and friendly rivalry between clubs.

The basic rules are:
1. You must launch from your home club.
2. Land at another club and deliver the trophy.
3. Make every effort to re-light fly back to your home club.
4. If successful heap friendly banter on the recipient club until such time as they get rid of it.

See the bottom of the trophy for more detail.

NSW State Competition Rules

The current NSW State Competition Rules are Available in the Downloads section of this website under Sports.